Wide Wood Band Saw Blades

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Products Description
Wide wood Band Saw Blades (Width & Thickness)

Following is some of the popular size for your reference,other size are customized.
70 x 0.90mm 100 x 1.00mm 115 x 1.20mm 155 x 1.25mm
70 x 1.00mm 100 x 1.10mm 115 x 1.25mm 155 x 1.45mm
70 x 1.10mm 100 x 1.20mm 90 x 1.00mm 110 x1.10mm
125 x 1.20mm 180 x 1.45mm 90 x 1.10mm 110 x 1.20mm
125 x 1.25mm 200x1.45mm    

We can supply in carbon alloy steel grade.We can also supply in 2% Nickle alloy steel grade.
Each coil is in 100 meter length or as your request .
Tooth profile or shape for wide wood band saw blades as follow:
Band saw blades can be supplied in form of 100 meters length or longer.
Packing for Wide wood Band Saw Blades
1) Welded width band saw blade
(70mm to 90mm) width packed together in 20 pieces/loops;
(100mm to 155mm) width packed together 10 pieces/loops;
(180mm to 200mm) width packed together 5 pieces/loops;
2) all coils are light oiled, wrapped in plastic film and anti-rust paper
3) extra packing on request and cost will be charged.
4) big quantity coils or loops will be packed in steel pallets and wrapped in thick plastic wrapping for Shipment
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