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Описание продукта
Tooth Pitch from sizes:
10mm to 50mm within these measurement.
Tooth profile or shape as follow:

Band saw blade in coils.  Can be supplied in form of 100 meters length or longer.

Stone-cutting saws
HS steel strip for stone cutting saws is especially designed for the manufacture of diamond saw blades and is generally characterized by:
●  A chemical composition which minimizes the risk of cracks in connection with brazing
●  Good flatness and straightness 
●  square,smooth edges
Steel grade
C=0.75%; Si=0.25%;Mn=0.35%;Ni=2.0%
Surfaces:bright polished  /  blue polished/without polished  /  yellow polished
Edges: Sheared deburred
Round: One side round / Both side round
Straightness: Deviation from straightness
max. 8mm/4m(0.315inch/13ft)
Standard sizes
Width Thickness
Mm Inch Mm Inch
180±0.7 7.09±0.028 3.00±0.056 0.118±0.0022
180±0.7 7.09±0.028 3.50±0.063 0.138±0.0025

These two standard sizes are continuously manufactured and the delivery security is good. Other sizes are obtainable on request.

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