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Описание продукта
Tooth Pitch from sizes:
10mm to 50mm within these measurement.
Tooth profile or shape as follow:

Band saw blade in coils.  Can be supplied in form of 100 meters length or longer.

Wood band saws
HS Steel strip for the manufacture of wood band
Saws is characterized by
●  Mechanical properties combining high strength and toughness which minimize the risk of cracks in connection with spring or swage setting
●  Good flatness and excellent straightness Straight, smooth edges safe to handle
●  Straight, smooth edges safe to handle
Steel grades
HS  (AISl  1074, W.-Nr.  1.1248). For smaller sizes.
C= 0.75%; Si= 0.2%; Mn=0.75% 
SUBN-15 For larger sizes. 
C= 0.75%; Si=0.25%; Mn= 0.35%; Ni:= 2.0%
Forms of supply
Hardened and tempered steel strip in coils.
Edges:  square, smooth (see also page5)
Flatness:max. unflatness across the strip width 0,15%
Surface: bright polished/super blue
Excellent straightness is obtained by a new edging technique.
Mechanical properties
Strip thickness Tensile strength Hardness
mm inch N/mm2 HRC
≤1.83 ≤0.072 1500±80 44-47
>1.83 >0.072 1350±60 40-43

The HS standard program is shown on next page. Our continuous manufacture in these sizes means good delivery security. Other sizes are obtainable on request.
On request the strips can be supplied branded “HS- Made in **”
Recommendations on the manufacture and maintenance of wood bandsaw blades are given in the brochure 3,36 E.


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